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Adlens John Lennon Adjustable Prescription Glasses

Adlens John Lennon Adjustable Prescription Glasses

$ 50.00

The John Lennon Variable Focus Eyeglass Collection by Adlens is a 1-for-1 eyeglass company that allows you to create your own prescription lenses. Turn a little knob on the frame each lens to inflate or deflate the elastic membrane held in a chamber between rigid front and back polycarbonate plates. When fluid is injected into the chamber the elastic membrane bows outwards or inwards to change the power of the lens. They are easily adjusted for a wide range of spherical powers from -4.5 to+3.5. Every pair of glasses purchased from the John Lennon Collection, Adlens donated a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world through Vision for a Nation.

“Adlens’ technology is such an interesting concept with such amazing potential that really captures the imagination. I am sure John would be proud to be associated with the glasses and the ethos behind them.” -Yoko Ono

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