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Unicorn Squad Member Laura Herde

Laura Herde

Laura Herde, a brunette vegan babe with French roots, found herself when becoming a passionate ethical vegan in April 2014. One year after turning vegan, she decided to start an Instagram blog where she is now blogging daily about that amazing vegan lifestyle. She studies media communication and journalism and besides that, works as an editor for the bilingual and countercultural print collectable “Vegan Good Life”- a glossy high-end vegan magazine on vegan fashion, travel, art & design. Laura absolutely loves traveling, connecting with like-minded people, creating & eating delicious vegan food and trying out new natural beauty products- all cruelty free and vegan of course. Spreading the vegan message and inspiring other people on Instagram has become her passion. Her channel makes other people realize how appealing living a cruelty free life actually is. Veganism looks gorgeous on you, Laura!


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Instagram: @laura.herde: 11,300+ followers


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