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Unicorn Squad Member Jessica Cunha

Jessica Cunha is an up and coming fashion blogger and stylist. Her blog focuses on vegan fashion and cruelty-free beauty brands. Jess is an animal rights activist and continues to fight against animal testing and the use of animals for fashion in her everyday choices. She is also extremely vocal about adopting a pet, rather than buying from a breeder. You can find her two adopted black cats on her blog and Instagram.  

Jess started her blogging journey a year back after months of her friends and family asking her about where she shopped for animal friendly brands.  She has been styling clients for years and is working towards becoming an editorial stylist with a focus on vegan fashion.  

Jess continues to be a spokesperson for animal rights and won't stop until every animal is saved.

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Instagram: @fauxmode: 1,000+ followers

Website: FauxMode.com

Facebook: fauxmode



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