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Unicorn Squad Member Aleks Schiffer

Aleks Schiffer, The Animal Babe

Aleks has always envisioned a world where animals and humans would live peacefully and where all life would be respected. Aleks had the opportunity to grow up living in several countries. Having been exposed to many diverse cultures and languages from a young age, she has learned about animal welfare issues from a global perspective.

For over a decade, she has worked and volunteered with various international animal welfare organizations. This experience convinced her to become a dedicated animal activist and eventually form her own organization, I Stand With My Pack.

Aleks has saved numerous dogs from shelters and placed them into loving homes, has organized protests against Yulin dog meat festival, worked on anti-poaching campaigns and exposed circus animal abuse through social media platforms.

Aleks also has worked as a theatrical actress, model and a manager. She lives with her adopted Cane-Corsos Bouba and Scout.


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Instagram: @theanimalbabe: 20,100 followers

Instagram: @istandwithmypack: 10,600+ followers

Facebook: /istandwithmypack: 4,033 followers

Twitter: @istandwithmypack: 805 followers


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