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Unicorn Squad Member Kirstina Colonna

Kirstina Colonna

Kirstina Colonna, Nina to her friends, may be renowned for her modeling and acting, but there is so much more to be admired with this California beauty than what meets the eye. When she is not in front of the camera, Nina, an active vegan, spends her time supporting animal rights. She’s a certified yoga instructor, flexologist, wellness consultant and aroma touch therapist. Namaste Nina’s Way is simply a depiction of Nina’s passions.

Nina posts about veganism, health, fitness, fashion, beauty and travel. She has acquired a large following through her social media platforms whom demanded more “Nina.” They wanted to know what her fitness routine was, what her beauty regime included, where her clothes were from, how she ate, her natural medicine remedies and where she was jetting off to on her travels.

Nina being so passionate about incorporating a higher consciousness into her lifestyle created her newest project Namaste Nina’s Way so she could share more with her followers who are inspired by her happy, healthy and inspirational attitude.

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Instagram: @kirstinacolonna: 91,000+ followers

Website: www.namasteninasway.com


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