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How We Change The World

We help people buy animal-free products because it makes the world a better place. Buying animal-free reduces our impact on the environment, supports human rights, and saves lives.



For the Planet

According to NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, avoiding animal products is the single most impactful thing we can do as individuals to reduce our environmental footprint. For more information, read about or watch the documentary Cowspiracy.


For People

Animal agriculture and its related industries – like leather tanning – are among the worst industries on the planet for human rights violations. Avoiding animal products ensures that you aren't inadvertently supporting abusive industries that don't respect workers. Read more. 


For Animals

Every year, over 70 billion animals are used globally to make products ranging from food to clothing. That's ten animals for every person living on Earth. Using animals for human consumption is unnecessary, whether it's for food or for other products such as clothing. We are working to completely eliminate animal products and byproducts from manufacturing supply chains.

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