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Campus Representatives

Our campus representatives (campus reps) are on the front lines of fashion. We endorse campus reps and sponsor them so that they can spread the word about how amazing an animal-free lifestyle is to their peers. Campus reps help their peers buy animal-free products by partnering with us to promote brands and items on their campuses. Here's a look a what it takes to be a campus rep with Unicorn Goods:

  • Campus reps live a fully vegan lifestyle, including a plant-based diet, animal-free clothing, and vegan cruelty-free body products and makeup.
  • Campus reps have an online presence and are active members of their online communities. This can be on any platform: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, or another platform. They post frequently about vegan issues and items.
  • Campus reps are active on campus. They may be in multiple clubs, or even have a leadership role in their student-led organizations. They are social and like talking about their vegan lifestyle with their peers.

Campus Reps get exclusive access to products and hold events on campus to help their peers learn more about buying animal-free. Campus Reps are trend setters and mind changers. They believe that they can make a difference in the world, and are empowered to speak up for what they think is right. We support our Campus Reps' professional development and provide amazing letters of reference for wherever they want to go next with their careers.

The learn more about becoming a campus rep, email us through the link at the bottom of the website.


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