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About Unicorn Squad

Our Unicorn Squad is our team of brand ambassadors. Unicorn Squad members embody a vegan lifestyle. Unicorn Squad members are featured on our website and on social media. As a part of Unicorn Squad, members can request products from Unicorn Goods to review online. We are always on the lookout for the next Unicorn Squad member.

What We Look For in a Unicorn Squad Member

Unicorn Squad members must be openly vegan online and an active part of and contributor to the online vegan community.

We are currently only accepting applications for Unicorn Squad members who meet the below requirements:

  • Are publicly and prominently vegan (the word "vegan" is prominently displayed and used online)
  • Goes beyond food (content must include clothing and lifestyle in addition to any food content)
  • Maintain a website with a blog (can be in addition to other social media accounts)
  • Current United States resident
  • Active mailing addresses in the continental United States
  • At least 10,000 followers on a social media platform (this can be either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube)

What Unicorn Squad Members Receive

Unicorn Squad members are featured on the Unicorn Goods website and online. 

Unicorn Squad members are invited to host a curated page on Unicorn Goods of their favorite products. This list can be updated seasonally with the latest vegan products.

Unicorn Squad members are able to request products for review online through Unicorn Goods.

Unicorn Goods shares content from Unicorn Squad members about products listed on Unicorn Goods through our blog and social media.

Unicorn Goods does not pay Unicorn Squad members for posts or reviews of products.

Ongoing Commitments for Unicorn Squad

Unicorn Squad members have no ongoing commitment or responsibilities outside of following through on content for requested and received items from Unicorn Goods.

Unicorn Squad members can choose to leave Unicorn Squad at any time.

Unicorn Squad members are able to update a curated page on Unicorn Goods.

Unicorn Squad members are invited to weigh in on decisions within Unicorn Goods from time to time, including voting in new members and nominating new members.

Unicorn Goods accepts suggestions from Unicorn Squad members on how to improve Unicorn Goods, including which vegan products to list and feature on Unicorn Goods.

Apply to Be on Unicorn Squad

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