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When spring turns to summer, people get the itch not only to take time away from school or work but also to literally get away on a getaway. While most people’s minds go to a tropical destination, everyone has their personal travel preferences. We’ve prepared you with a list of four of the most popular travel destinations around the world, what the cultural style is like, and what you should wear to blend in to these fashion-forward cities. 

Paris, France

Look 1:

The main reason people are so drawn to the “French look” is that it exudes an effortless elegance. Who doesn’t want to be able to roll out of bed and, with minimal effort, look already put-together, hair tousled and all? The French hold minimalism to the highest regard wearing only a few pieces in neutral color palettes and basic patterning. Try the monotone look with an off-white top and matching bottom with an accent of the iconic French black and white stripe.

Look 2:

There's nothing more minimalistic than an all-black look. But the French separate themselves from New Yorkers by the way they pair a few staple items in an elegant and fashion-forward way... and with their classic red lip!

Marakech, Morocco 

Look 1:

Morocco has become a sought-out destination due to its romantic appeal and the esteem it’s gained from being a popular film setting- think “Casablanca” and “Othello”. While the climate varies depending on the region, its desert setting is prone to extremely high temperatures during the summertime. What’s important to keep in mind when packing, however, are the much more defined gender roles and rules when compared to the West. While women are expected to "cover up”, it’s possible to look stylish in doing so. Make sure to pack a shawl, to cover your arms in more religious areas, and long bottoms in light, breathable fabrics. 

Look 2:

For a night out in Marrakech, dress up in a flowy top and a pair of colorful silk trousers.

Tokyo, Japan

Look 1:

Tokyo is known for being “the” street fashion hub of the world which means, if you want an all-immersive vacation, your style game needs to be on point. To some, Tokyo style may seem a little “out there”, as a lot of it is inspired by Japanese hip-hop and avant-garde fashion. Harajuku is one of the city’s best fashion districts that helped coin many sub-genres of Tokyo fashion. One such style is Gothic Lolita, characterized by a “younger girl dress” with lots of dark colors, bows, and lace. For a more Westernized version of the look, pair a LBD with knee-high socks, and accessorize darkly. 

Look 2:

Those dressed in the Fairy Kei style tend towards “cutesy” pieces from the 80’s in pastel or pink colors. For visitors who aren’t comfortable going “all out”, try a subdued version in an overalls dress, fun socks, and an adorable graphic tee.

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Look 1:

If there’s one place to feel at home wearing vegan fashion, it’s Switzerland. They don’t believe global warming is “fake news”, rather they are taking precautions to mend our environment and keep its inhabitants thriving. If you’re traveling to Sass-Fee in the summertime, it’s most likely that you’re planning on hitting the slopes, so remember to pack layers. Similar to the French, the Swiss don a mostly neutral color palette, yet they prefer the darker browns, greys, and blacks.  


Look 2:

While the Swiss prefer simple, “clean” looks, you can get creative with materiality. Try insulating fabrics, like this faux fur vest and velvet pants. Definitely remember to pack a thick, winter coat or two- one for the slopes and one for the city for a nice après-ski meal.

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