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Easy Trade: Faux Suede

There's nothing better than the feeling of rubbing your hand over a soft item of clothing, and one can "get their fix" while wearing faux suede. In addition to physically feeling nice, faux suede can also make one feel mentally confident in his/her appearance. The regal, velvety impression of this winter's popular choice of material will make one look elegant yet still edgy.  

Relaxed Professional

These outfits are perfect for those days when you don't have a lot of time to get dressed but still want to look put together. While only three pieces, the looks' neutral color schemes and classic wardrobe staples gives off the impression of effortless elegance. Try the first for a daytime approach.


Sleek and Sexy

Who said that going out entails going overboard? You can be ready to go out for the night wearing only three incredibly sleek and sexy pieces.

Earth Toned Down

A jacket is traditionally used to keep one warm, but a really great jacket can be used to make a statement of expression. The faux suede material of this outfit's bomber give a spin to its neutral tones and classic silhouette. 

Relaxed Casual

If you're feeling daring, swap your jacket for one in an unexpected color choice to stand out from the crowd and look good doing so.

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