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Now-a-days, it's not abnormal for one to dress in athletic wear with no intention of hitting the gym. Athleisure has transformed the fashion industry by making it stylish to be comfortably casual. It has even made it easier for one fit a workout in to his/her day by eliminating the hassle of having to change outfits. Check out some of these items that are both sporty chic and environmentally conscious.

Laid Back 80's Style

The 80's have come back in style, and its crop top look wasn't left behind in the summer. Crop tops have been worn when going out as a way to show a little extra skin, but they're also being worn during athletics to provide a little extra breathability. But whether or not you're planning on hitting up that kickboxing class later, a crop top matched with a pair of joggers and sneaks definitely says, "I'm fun and fierce."   

Elevated Leggings

Wearing leggings is another 80's trend that has girls and guys alike ditching their pants. However, they aren't subject to the gym. Elevate your leggings to a faux leather material to make your casual look a little more chic. 

Fit & Friendly

 Men's athletic wear has come a long way from the traditional cotton t-shirt, baggy short, and high sock look. Fitness has definitely become more fashionable for both women and men, so clothing companies are reacting to accommodate this change. Take advantage of this progression: ditch your plain shorts for a patterned pair, like in outfit 3. 

Surfside Sweats

 Want to stand out in a gym full of similar workout attire? Trade your classic logo hoodie for a bolder design. You're not afraid to experiment with new workout routines, so why be afraid to experiment with new workout wear that will help you look good doing so?

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