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A Night to Remember

Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting spiffed up, of wearing a garment that may have cost more than one would normally spend, of taking a little extra care in powdering one’s nose and straightening one’s tie, of walking into an event feeling well-dressed and ready to impress? Spring marks the season of prom for high schoolers, the start of garden party season for the lovers of the outdoors, and the beginning of the days of warm weather in which one doesn’t have to wear a jacket when going out. Whatever the occasion, purchasing higher-end garments or those that may take a little extra time to construct doesn’t designate purchasing environmentally damaging or animal harming goods. Shop our lookbook to find out how It’s possible to look luxurious while wearing more upscale vegan attire. After all, what’s better than feeling amazing knowing you’re helping our environment all the while knowing you look amazing?

Grecian Goddess:

Why is it that we tend to gravitate towards the Grecian look come warmer weather?- Perhaps it’s the lighter color palette or the airiness of the garments that seem to fit the spring and summer seasons. For a more lavish event, one can embody this look in a floor-length, toga-inspired gown and strappy heels in a warm nude color. Couple bangles and arm cuffs in gold tones for embellishment.


"Black Tie"

When one thinks about men’s formalwear, one’s mind tends to gravitate towards simple black tie look. However, today, more and more men are stepping away from this traditional look to experiment with their wardrobes. Take away the tie and replace it with a fun yet refined graphic tee and pair it with a nice pair of black pants and a sleek black jacket. Swap out those shiny, oxford loafers for a pair of polished boots. I guarantee a man wearing this “black tie” look will grab more attention than even the nicest of tuxes.


Little Red Dress

The little red dress is the new little black dress. For more upscale occasions, one can lengthen this look to a floor-length gown. An open-back design adds an element of sexiness to an otherwise classic silhouette. With a dress so bold and calling to maintain all the attention, add simple-yet posh-accessories of black, velvet heels, a sleek clutch, and stud earrings. 


Warmer Weather, Warmer Colors

A night to remember doesn’t always equate to black tie events or fancy galas; One can still dress up for more modest occasions.  Going to a garden party? Take the conventional button-down, chino, and loafer look, but experiment with color. Embody the feeling of spring and summertime by switching out those black pants with a more colorful grey-purple pair and those dark dress shoes for a warmer brown pair.

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