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25 Mar '16

Miik Reversible Yara Dress

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Miik Yara Reversible Dress

We are obsessed with convertible clothing, especially when it's made responsibly from a company that we love. It's great for the environment when you can get more than one look out of a single garment. And, let's face it, if you spill ketchup down the front of your dress right before an important meeting - bam! - turn that baby around and throw on your blazer. You're good to go.

The majority of Miik's clothing (pronounced "Mick" like "Micky Mouse") is made out of bamboo. "The softness of the fabric is what attracted us initially. It just feels so amazing on your skin," says Donna Smith, cofounder and Creative Director of Miik. She cites bamboo's ability to replenish itself as a major factor in its sustainability as a material. Bamboo is a propagating grass that grows up to three feet per day. Bamboo improves soil and air quality. Bamboo requires no maintenance, reseeding, watering, pesticides, or fertilizer, unlike cotton, which requires 20,000 liters of water to yield one kilogram of fabric.

Susan Cadman

Susan Cadman, Miik's President. 

In addition to the sourcing of the materials, Miik also mills its own fabric and manufactures everything locally in Ontario, Canada, is a women-founded and women-run company, and creates timeless pieces that don't go out of style.


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