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02 Feb '18

What's Hiding in Your Perfume? Hidden Animal Ingredients in Designer Perfumes

Posted by Unicorn Goods

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Animal ingredients could be hiding right under your nose. Chanel No. 5 have among its ingredients whale poop weaved in among the aromas of jasmine and neroli.

It may be difficult to find out what's in your perfumes since fragrances can be hidden under the single label of "fragrance." This time honored practice is used by the perfume industry to protect "trade secrets." The argument is that if perfumes were required to detail all of their ingredients, then it would be easier for another perfume maker to re-create them. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States allows this practice, which in turn allows many ingredients that you probably don't want to sneak their way into your perfume.

Many mainstream and designer perfumes may be riddled with animal ingredients, including anal secretions and fecal matter. Perfume making is an ancient art, and some of the ingredients that are still used today in mainstream scents are derived from animals.

Check out these animal ingredients used in perfumes:

  • Civet: the anal secretions from a cat-like animal native to Asia and Africa
  • Ambergris: sperm whale secretions
  • Musk: animal anal secretions
  • Honey: bee secretions
  • Milk: animal mammary secretions, composed of pus, fat, and proteins
  • Castoreum: beaver anal secretions
  • Artificial Vanilla: also called Castoreum (see above)
  • Hyraceum: fossilized badger urine

Luckily for those of us who don't want any of this in our perfume, there is a vegan perfumery that shuns these ingredients. Eden Perfumes is an all-vegan company that makes vegan versions of designer scents. The perfumery prides itself on being completely animal-free and animal-testing free so your scent of choice is truly beautiful from start to finish. 

Eden Perfumes has created vegan versions of scents from high end designers including Stella McCartneyDior, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Versace, Prada,Marc Jacobs, Dolce & GabbanaChanel, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Juicy, and Burberry.

Additionally, even perfumes that may or may not have animal ingredients in them are often tested on animals, which is why it's smart to purchase products, like Eden Perfumes, that are also cruelty-free. Now that smells good to us.

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