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21 Dec '17

Top New Year's Resolutions for Vegans

Posted by Unicorn Goods

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Every January, hundreds of thousands of people around the world pledge to go vegan. The New Year's Resolution is a great way to start off a vegan journey. But if you're already vegan, what's next?

Here are our top New Year's resolutions for vegans.

Resolution 1: Veganize Your Wardrobe

Removing animal products from your life can be a cleansing process. Buying leather, fur, wool, down and silk is analogous to eating meat, eggs, and dairy. Since animal materials are co-products of the animal agriculture industries, if you want to completely remove cruelty from your life, then transitioning the objects in your life to cruelty-free versions is a good next step.

Clothing is a great place to apply your vegan ethics in the New Year. You don't need to throw everything out all at once. Just start by being more conscious about what's in your clothing. From buttons to insulation, you'll be surprised that many of your clothing items incorporate animal products. 

As your items wear our or need replacing, purchase vegan options. You'll love showing off your new finds to admirers, and it's a great conversation starter that can help expose people to veganism in ways they weren't aware of before.

Resolution 2: Help Your Dog Go Vegan

Dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a vegan diet. Help your dog go vegan by resolving to switch to a vegan dog food, finding vegan treats, cooking homemade meals, or replacing your leather leash and collar with more animal-friendly versions. Your best friend will thank you for it, and you can expect health to improve, as well. The oldest dog to ever live was vegan.

Resolution 3: Cook Vegan for your Family

If you're the one who does most of the cooking for your family, you will also be helping more than just yourself. Kids and loved ones will all benefit from a vegan palette. 

Resolution 4: Throw Vegan Parties

There's no better way to celebrate being than with friends over delicious vegan food. A great resolutions is to commit to throwing at least one get together a month with friends. For recipe ideas that are sure to be crowd-pleasers get a hold of some vegan entertaining cookbooks. You'll be whipping up hors d-oeuvres, cocktails, and family-style dishes in no time.

Resolution 5: Try Some New Recipes

No one becomes an accomplished chef overnight. Unless you grew up vegan, you likely had to teach yourself how to cook from scratch when you took the plunge. The world of vegan food is delicious and constantly expanding.

Stock up on some beautiful cookbooks and commit to trying at least one new ingredient or recipe every week. In addition to being fun, you'll also discover new favorite dishes that will help you entertain guests and friends, helping them become more exposed to veganism, too.

Resolution 6: Get Healthy

Being vegan doesn't put you in peak physical condition by default. There is plenty of vegan candy and treats to stuff yourself with, and no diet is a replacement for good, old fashioned exercise. Luckily, being vegan makes it easier for you to whip yourself into shape and exceed all of your expectations. 

Commit to trying out a new exercise routine, or making sure to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Pick up some reading materials on inspirational stories, nutrition, and fitness tips.

Resolution 7: Talk About It

Often vegans are too shy about why they choose to go vegan. If no one talked about it, the movement would never spread. Try committing to talking to at least one person a day about why you became vegan, or going out of your way to note your decision to be vegan with people you feel comfortable with.

It may feel strange at first, but getting out of your comfort zone will be will worth it. Think of all of the lives you save if even one of the 365 people you speak with becomes vegan and no longer harms animals.

Resolution 8: Enrich Yourself

Being well informed is a must, especially if you care about a cause that you want others to care about, too. To help you in potential conversations, and to boost your own confidence and understanding, read some books about veganism this year. You could also join a vegan support group on Facebook, or a professional network like Vegan Corporate Leaders.

With more information and support, you'll be able to talk about your decision to become vegan with more people, helping others become vegan, in turn.

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