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20 Aug '16

Vegan Travel Channel, Ticket to Earth

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Ticket to Earth Vegan Travel Channel

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

Traveling as a vegan can be intimidating. Sometimes you just need some advice to get the gears in motion and build your courage to get out there. This is why we were so excited to find Ticket to Earth. The beautiful vegan travel channel has made us more excited than ever to pack our bags and head out for an adventure. In Ticket to Earth's weekly travelogs, British couple Jack Emery and Trishna Patel recount their adventures and discoveries as the circumnavigate the globe. They are on a mission to explore the known world through a wanderer's lens. We love this particular video of their glorious day at the Taj Majal in India. It inspired Jack and Trishna to create this beautifully useful travel collection of everything a vegan needs to thrive and prosper in the land of chai and Karma Sutra.

For more beautiful adventures, visit Ticket to Earth's Youtube Channel.

30 Apr '16

Sorsha Morava, Vegan Youtube Celebrity

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Sorsha Morava

We are so proud to partner with Sorsha Morava. Her amazing vegan Youtube channel has over 200 videos and almost 40,000 subscribers. For about two years, Sorsha has been posting about everything from how to be a better vegan, to vegan skin care, to celebrity vegan converts. 

Jump ahead to 14:53 to hear what she has to say about Unicorn Goods and her own private collection with us.

28 Feb '16

Our Mission and Purpose

Posted by Cayla (Unicorn Goods)

Unicorn Goods is the world's largest collection of animal free products. Our mission is to end animal cruelty by selling and promoting animal free apparel, home goods, and other products. We list 1600+ items from 200+ brands that meet our standards for animal rights, human rights, and sustainability. By helping people buy products in line with their ethics, we are saving animal lives, reducing environmental degradation, and combating human exploitation. We donate 1% of profits to pro-animal organizations and are a PETA-Approved Vegan vendor. Our goal is to reframe the discussion about veganism and make veganism a mainstream movement.

We do what we do because we believe in the power of people to do good. We believe that people want to do the right thing, but that they don't have knowledge or opportunities to act on that impulse. Here's our video explaining why we're devoting our time and energy to ending animal suffering, and join us in our campaign to help people do the right thing.


Hi, my name is Cayla Mackey, Co-founder and CEO of Unicorn Goods. Unicorn Goods is the world's largest selection of animal-free products. Our mission is to end animal cruelty by selling and promoting animal-free apparel, home goods, and other products.

Globally, about 35 billion animals are slaughtered annually for human consumption, 10 billion of those being in the United States. At the same time, veganism is on the rise. In the United States alone, .3% of the population, or about 1 million people, identify as vegan, and 2.5% of the population, or 7.5 million people, identify as vegan or vegetarian. These numbers have doubled in the past three years and are reflected globally. 

The problem for vegans and vegetarians is that they not only try to not eat animal products, but they try not to buy animal products in general. This includes clothing. Specifically, it's really difficult to buy wool-free sweaters, down-free jackets, and leather-free shoes, let alone body products that don't contain animal products or makeup that isn't tested on animals. 

We take the burden off of the vegan and vegetarian consumer and go ahead and filter out everything on the internet to find the most ethical versions of animal-free products. Everything on the site, including the 1600+ items from the 200+ brands already listed meets standards for animal rights, human rights, and sustainability. 

We hope to expand the definition of social impact to include animal rights since animal rights is very underrepresented in social enterprise right now. 

We know that if more people had access to ethical products, not only those who are vegans or vegetarians, that more people would make ethical decisions. 65% of people currently say that they want to make more ethical purchases but don't know how, citing knowledge and access as major barriers to entry. 

We solve this problem by making it easier for people to buy things that in line with their ethics without having to sacrifice convenience, time, or style. 

We want to change the world with Unicorn Goods, and we hope you join us. 

Statistics cited:

  • 35 billion land animals are killed globally for human consumption (most estimates place it around 60-70 billion) with 10 billion in the US alone (and these numbers are just land animals): Farm USA
  • .3% of the US population (1 million people) are vegan, and 2.5% are vegetarian/vegan: The Rise of Veganism
  • 65% of people want to buy more ethical products buy don't know how: Conscious Consumer Spending Index
  • Unicorn Goods standards

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