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12 Jul '17
05 Jul '17

How To Tell If Your Birkenstocks Are Vegan

Posted by Unicorn Goods


While most Birkenstock shoes are not vegan, Birkenstock does make several vegan options. Normally, Birkenstock shoes have a suede-lined insole made of animal skin; this non-vegan insole is usually printed with a yellow or blue ink, and has a leather symbol with the words "BRAND SOHLE LEDER," meaning "LEATHER INSOLE" in German.

Shoes made with a synthetic Birko-Flor or Birkibuc uppers still have suede leather insoles unless otherwise explicitly stated in the product description. However, Birkenstock does make vegan-friendly versions of some of their styles for the UK market complete with vegan-friendly non-leather insoles.

Vegan Birkenstock insoles are usually printed with a black ink but will never contain the words "BRAND SOHLE LEDER" or the leather symbol. Also, Birkenstock's waterproof line and many of their professional clogs are made with polyurethane, EVA, or Alpro foam, making them vegan-friendly.

Recently, Birkenstock announced and followed through with their promise to provide more vegan versions of their shoes. These are now accessible through Unicorn Goods.

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15 Jan '17

Birkenstock Introduces All-Vegan Line to U.S. Market

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Birkenstock, Vegan

From Yahoo News:

"So as it turns out, the world’s most popular hippie shoemaker, Birkenstock, has been missing a beat all these years: It has not offered its American tofu-eating, Phish-following fans a vegan option.
"But now those dark days are over, thanks to Birkenstock’s new leather-free line of clogs and sandals, being released to U.S. animal lovers starting on Jan. 9, Yahoo Style has exclusively learned."
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