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15 Dec '17

Prince of England Harry's Fiancée Meghan Markle Brags About Her Vegan Leather Pants

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Meghan Markle, the recently announced fiancée of Prince Harry of England, released a second capsule collection of items through the Canadian brand Reitmans that features vegan materials. Notably, the collection features vegan leather pants that Markle herself publicly touted.

Searches for "vegan leather trousers" jumped 67% after Markle name-dropped it in an interview.

Shop vegan leather pants.

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22 Nov '17

Veerah Release World's First Shoe Made From Apples

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Veerah Appeel Collection

Luxury high heel vegan shoe brand Veerah has announced the creation of the world's first apple leather shoe. Cleverly called their Appeal collection, the trio of designs of varying heights is in a uniform royal blue. The material is more flexible and breathable than animal-based leather. The material is made from a byproduct of apple juice harvesting from a a sustainable orchard in Italy. The materials joins the host of other sustainable materials that Veerah already incorporates into their stylish shoes, including organic cotton, vegan calfskin leather, and post-consumer PET bottle fabric.

More via VegNews | More via Live Kindly

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