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16 Dec '17

Michael Kors & Jimmy Choo Commit to Going Fur Free in 2018

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Michael Kors commits to going fur free in 2018
High end fashion label designer Michael Kors has pledged to go fur free in 2018 along with his newly acquired subsidiary brand, Jimmy Choo.
"Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur...We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February.” - Michael Kors, high end fashion designer
13 Dec '17

Top Ten Trends in Vegan Fashion of 2017

Posted by Unicorn Goods

2017 was the year of the vegan. Whether it was spring sandals or winter coats, vegans and non-vegans alike chose more cruelty-free vegan options than ever before. Here is our breakdown of the top ten trends in vegan fashion of 2017.

 Faux Fur

Pictured: Unreal Fur Wanderlust Coat

Faux Fur

Faux Fur was decidedly in this year. Luxe floor-length coats and spunky short vests alike enjoyed more than their fair share of the spotlight. This corresponded with a decrease in the amount of animal-based fur used by the fur industry in 2017. Even brands like Gucci pledged to go fur-free, and Calvin Klein started making high end faux fur coats. We expect more labels to follow suit in 2018. Shop faux fur.

 Pineapple Leather Watches

Pictured: Votch Piñatex Watch & TIVC Piñatex Watch


A new material has taken the style world by storm. The plant-based fabric, Piñatex, is made from pineapple leather by the materials company Ananas Anam. Piñatex is now being used to make everything from shoes to bags. With is rich textures and focus on sustainability, it’s no wonder why pineapple leather is seeing a surge in popularity. Shop Piñatex.

 Tokyo Bags

Pictured: Tokyo Bags Weekender Duffle Bag

Quality of Quantity

Fast Fashion was decidedly down and out. The Fast Fashion industry, which describes companies that sell cheap low-quality clothing that is meant to be used for a brief period and then discarded or replaced, has been struggling. More and more, fashion shoppers are looking for higher end pieces that will last them for a long time without needed to be replaced. This corresponds with an uptick in the instances of shoppers choosing to repair their favorite items, rather than replace them.

 Gender Neutrality

Pictured: Doc Martens Vegan 1460 Combat Boots

Gender Neutrality

2017 was certainly a landmark year for women’s rights and the feminist movement. As more and more people, women especially, speak out against instances of sexual misconduct, abuse, and harassment, the style sphere reflects this shift in public consciousness. In 2017 we saw more androgynous shapes, like wide legged pants and unisex clothing. Tailoring and structured pieces such as blazers also took center stage.

 Orangutan, Palm Oil

Responsible Palm Oil

The palm oil industry was under scrutiny this past year. The industry has been blamed for perpetuating mass clear cutting of rainforests, especially in Indonesia. Forest land is cleared of trees in order to make way for planting the palm trees that produce palm oil. This practice is terrible for the environment and displaces countless species of wildlife. The orangutan has become the poster child for the sins of the palm oil industry as more and more shoppers are actively avoiding products that contain palm oil that cannot be proven to come for a socially responsible source. As a result, people are paying more attention to ingredients in the skincare, body care, and face care products. As many vegan shoppers note, unethical palm oil is not “cruelty-free.” Shop cruelty-free body products.

 Refine Athleisure

Pictured: Save the Duck Men's Sweatshirt in Light Grey Melange

Refined Athleisure

Athleticwear found a new face this past year as fashion wearers continued to integrate their most comfortable pieces into their streetwear and daily wear wardrobes. Comfort was queen. Out were insanely high heels, corsets, itchy fabrics, and restricting styles. In were mules and flats, sneakers, and sweatshirts. Shoppers opted for pieces that were easily wearable, could be thrown in the washing machine instead of sent to dry cleaning, and used soft and supple materials.

 Aura Makeup

Pictured: Aura Makeup

Natural Beauty

Women, especially, looked no further than their own skin for beauty-enhancing bravado. This past year saw a turn away from bold makeup colors, drawn-on eyebrows, facial contouring, false eyelashes, lip pencils and fillers, and the music festival trends of yesteryear of facial rhinestones and skin decorations. Instead, beautygoers opted more for natural skin care products and regimes that enhance the health of their skin, in addition to neutral makeup and light foundations that include moisturizers and sunscreens. Cruelty-free and vegan skincare products are on the rise as more and more companies follow suit to cater to increasingly conscious audiences who know they don’t have to sacrifice ethics for good looks. Shop skincare.

 Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Pullover

Pictured: Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Pullover in Mojave


Neutrals in general got their fair share of attention in 2017. Shoppers shied away from color fads that would need replacing as they became too outdated to integrate into an evolving wardrobe. Instead, fashion fiends filled up on sedate tones such as beiges, blacks, grays, browns, and whites.

 Save the Duck Women's Padded Raincoat in Charcoal Grey

Pictured: Save the Duck Women's Padded Raincoat in Charcoal Grey

Spacious Shapes

Skin tight clothing was thrown to the wayside as people opted for more forgiving shapes. Slubby faux shearling coats saw a resurgence, as did boxy heels, which are more comfortable in addition to being more durable. From head to toe, loosey goosey was in.

 Graphic T-shirts

Pictured: Plant Faced Clothing & Veganized World

Bold T-shirts

Whether a word, saying, or a slogan, words printed on T-shirts saw a resurgence. People chose more and more to wear their beliefs on their sleeves, literally. For vegan fashion, this translated into shirts with more mainstream appeal, featuring simple and bold lettering aimed at getting attention and sparking conversations. Vegan fashion followers were loud and proud. Shop graphic t-shirts.

Looking ahead to 2018, we predict even more people will shop vegan.

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