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14 Mar '16

Is it time to give up leather?

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Leather tannery, The Guardian

The Guardian just came out with this awesome piece about the leather industry that explores whether or not we should be wearing leather nowadays. As this article points out, "...with so many synthetic materials available today, there’s no need to wear leather at all.” We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Here are some great factual excerpts.

Presently around 290m cows are killed every year from a global herd approaching 1bn. Projections tell us that in order to keep us in wallets, handbags and shoes, the industry needs to slaughter 430m cows annually by 2025.

[T]he Brazilian cattle industry (with around 200m head of cattle) [i]s responsible for 14% of the world’s annual deforestation.

Here's a look into a leather tannery. Take a peek:

Read more here.

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