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17 Mar '16

Our Review: Vaute's Sweater Dress

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Vaute's Vegan Sweater Dress


We have to say that we love this sweater dress by Vaute, which is wool-free and 100% vegan. It's made from a blend of 80% recycled cotton and 20% cotton and comes in ivory, apricot and black. We have it in black.

Vaute Founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart in a Vaute Sweaterdress Vaute sweaterdress

The crazy thing about wool - aside from it being itchy, stinky, and hard to care for - is the cruelty that goes along with the wool industry. Muelsing, shearing, and rearing sheep is cruel and unusual. There's no need to wear wool when there are so many superior materials out there, and cotton is no exception.

This sweaterdress, like all of Vaute's current collection of sweaters, is made in NYC's Garment District from recycled yarn salvaged from industrial waste cotton. The knitting process is zero-waste, with each sweater being knit from one continuous piece of yarn. Best of all, it's 100% vegan. This sweater dress is anything but itchy. It's conservative on top with the turtle neck hugging snugly just below the chin, and sexy on the bottom with slits going almost four inches up on either side. Because of it's length, it can be worn with opaque tights, but also with jeans and pants if you so desire.

Here's more on Vaute and why their stuff is better than wool.

11 Oct '15

Olsenhaus: Babylon Flats

Posted by Unicorn Goods

These vegan flats by Olsenhaus are made to last. We scoured the internet for the best flats, and this is what we found. It's hard to find a pair of simple flats with sturdy construction. Most of the options out there have unnecessary embellishments that make the shoes less versatile in your wardrobe and more likely to break or go out of style.

These particular flats are made in Mexico from faux suede and composite rubber. They fit true to size and aren't narrow, so your toes have plenty of room. They are the right balance of firm and flexible - sturdy enough to stand up to heavy daily wear, yet comfortable to walk in.

Our pair lasted for 8 months (!). That's unheard of for shoes - especially in the vegan shoe world where "non-leather" often means "cheap" and "low quality." The materials this shoe is made from are clearly durable and high quality. We highly recommend them. You can even pre-order if they stop being available on the website. The customer service is great. You can tell this company really cares about what they're doing.

Shop Olsenhaus Babylon Flats.

15 Sep '15

Our Review: 100% Pure

Posted by Unicorn Goods

100% Pure is an all-vegan company that makes fruit-based makeup and a bevy of skin, hair, body, baby, and nail products. We have loved everything that we've tried. Here are some of our favorites.

We loved the combination of the Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo with the Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Condutioner. Kelp helps fortify the hair, while seaweed collagen makes it shine. Testorative conditioner deeply moisturizes, repairs, softens and detangles dry, damaged hair.

This facial cleanser may look like mud, but it's actually made from red algae and kelp powder. It's from the Purity Collection,  formulated specifically for acne-prone skin. Detoxifying essential oils kill the acne causing bacteria while nourishing seaweeds and purifying herbs protect against future breakouts. We loved that it was multi-use and able to be applied as either a mask or a face wash.


We had never heard of a "primer" before using this one. The Luminous Primer creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup to keep things balanced. T light reflective pigments diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles and makes skin instantly appear more luminous, bright, healthy, and glowing. It's infused with red wine resveratrol, vitamins and antioxidants to shield from free radical damage. It comes out looking pearly, and feels kind of like silk when it's on. It's really light and smooth, making a great base for a powder foundation.

The Cruelty Free Kabuki Brush is made from synthetic fibers, not animal hair. That means that no one had to die for you to put that pretty blush on your face. It's multi-use and can work with powder foundation, bronzer, and blush alike. That means you can only own one brush, which cuts down on consumption and clutter. It's soft to the touch and fine enough to give an even spread.


The Maracuja Mascara in Black Tea smells like berries because it's made from berries - in a good way. It's colored with food, not petroleum-based chemicals. The tint is derived from black tea leaves, berry and cocoa pigments. Besides looking great, it's also restorative and conditioning. Maracuja (passionfruit) oil, pro-vitamin B5 and other conditioners strengthen for your lashes. Did we mention it's water, smudge, and flake resistant? We found that even after prolonged use, it didn't clump or thicken in the tube or on your lashes like other mascaras. Every use will leave each lash evenly coated.

We love the Poppy color in 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick. It also contains Shea butter to moisturize your lips while making them look awesome. There are no synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives or other toxins. The color is a perfect balance of bold and toned-down, if red lips can be so. It's not orang-y or too dark. The shade is youthful without looking like you bought it at a drugstore with your mom when you were five years old.



The Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter in Pomegranate is great to layer over the matching lipstick or worn alone. It adds a shine and dimension to the lipstick color, and along it gives your lips a slight color without looking overdone. The pigments are pulled from fruits and berries - it smells like a pomegranate, too.


15 Aug '15

Chinese Laundry Nima Wedge

Posted by Unicorn Goods

The Nima Wedge by Chinese Laundry is a wardrobe staple and perfect transition piece for taking you from the office to the bar.  These shoes come in five different colors. You can also get them in wide sizes - rare for non-leather shoes. We found these shoes to be snug (even in the wide sizes) and firm at first. After a few wears, the shoe gives to fit your foot. Even with the tight sizing, there is no rubbing, chaffing, or blistering, leaving your feet happy and comfortable.

The wedge evenly distributes your weight, removing the pressure points other heals produce after prolonged wear. And the low profile means you don't have to worry about losing your balance or feel like your standing on your tip-toes. 

We highly recommend this to build your wardrobe from the basics up. This wedge can easily fill the place of both a stiletto and a pump. 


heals review shoes vegan
15 Jun '15

Our Review: Wilby's Drayton Handbag

Posted by Unicorn Goods

We recently stumbled across this great little piece from Wilby's website, and are in love. We highly recommend this as a staple in your closet. Besides being PETA-approved, Wilby manufactures all of their bags in England, which is pretty cool. Manufacturing in the UK means that they can ensure that their workers are treated with respect and fairly compensated. 

Wilby Drayton Handbag, Vegan Fashion #crueltyfree

Wilby also has a strong environmental mission. Each piece carries a sustainability rating. The Drayton Handbag has an sustainability rating of medium. It's great that a company like this is transparent to the point of admitting that not all products are created with the same processes and materials, and that some may be better than others. We always support giving consumers more information so that they can make more educated purchasing decisions.

This bag is the perfect day-to-night transition piece. It's large enough for a pair of sunglasses without weighing your shoulder down. The attractive marbled faux material is soft and pliable like the finest Italian leather. Corner brass accents add durability. The metal chain hangs at the waist or can be tucked away to create a clutch.

The branded charm is discrete enough to not be too loud with a nice outfit. We aren't sure how the material will wear over time, but it feels durable and the chain is solid. Overall, this piece is versatile and an ethical choice for anyone wanting to build a minimalist wardrobe with as few pieces as possible.

clutch drayton handbag purse review vegan vegan clutch vegan pure wilby

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