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07 Dec '17

Pineapples Take Center Stage

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Piñatex Pineapple Leather

Piñatex pineapple leather is now available in shoes and watches. The sustainable material is made from pineapple fibers, which are a waste product of the pineapple harvest. Using pineapple leather not only reduces waste, but also makes a bold fashion statement.

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18 Jan '17

This New Textile Combines Sustainability With Fashion

Posted by Unicorn Goods


From Entrepreneur:

Sustainability and safe manufacturing processes are paving the way for a number of new, innovative products.
Piñatex is an entirely new approach to natural, sustainable non-woven textiles made from pineapple leaves. Created in 2013 by Ananas Anam Ltd., Piñatex is a byproduct of pineapple farming, with no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides required to produce it.
The seemingly leather-like material is 100 percent vegan, but just as durable and versatile as traditional leathers. Piñatex is recognized as a pioneer in the development of innovative textiles by the fashion industry, and received PETA’s 2015 Innovation Award as a “Vegan Fashion Label.”


via Entrepreneur

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