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11 Nov '17

PETA Fashion Awards 2017 Honors Matt & Nat, Veganized World & Stella McCartney

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Matt & Nat | photo credit: Style Ethics

Photo credit: Style Ethics

Congratulations to Veganized World, Matt & Nat, and Stella McCartney for being recognized in the 2017 PETA Fashion Awards. The awards celebrate the biggest moments, greatest innovations, and standout brands that made 2017 a kinder year for animals and the environment.

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15 Jan '15

2014 PETA Vegan Fashion Award Winners

Posted by Unicorn Goods

It was almost exactly a year ago that PETA announced the winners of their 2014 Vegan Fashion Awards. They haven't announced the 2015 winners yet, but last year's winners are still doing great stuff, and they're still worth promoting, so here goes: Congrats to last February's winners of the 2014 PETA Vegan Fashion Awards!  Below you'll find a selection of winners that have been added to our directory, along a with a link to the full list of winners.

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