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21 Jun '17

Vegan Leather Is Twice As Good For the Planet

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Pulse of the Fashion Industry

New research shows that synthetic leather has only a 1/3 of the environmental impact of cow leather. This study was authored by the Global Fashion Agenda & The Boston Consulting Group and released during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017.

Pulse of the Fashion Industry, Graph

Read the full report. Via Vilda.

24 Aug '16

Modern Meadow

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Modern Meadow

We've heard of pineapple leather, kombucha leather, wood leather, and even mushroom leather. But what about real leather grow in test tubes? This is what the venture-backed startup Modern Meadow is in the process of manufacturing. While the collagen-based material that Modern Meadow creates isn't vegan — the production process starts with cells taken from animals — the end result is a synthetically produced, scalable alternative to leather that can be used as a replacement for animal-grown hides.

Modern Meadow has raised over $50 million in funding, recently closing a $40 million Series B round to commercialize biofabricated leather. The company launched in 2011 and is based in Brooklyn.

Via Forbes

21 Aug '16

Vegan Wooden Sneaker

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Nat-2 vegan wooden sneaker

The sneaker manufacturer Nat-2 has made a vegan wooden sneaker. Already sold out, the sneaker incorporates various FSC-certified sustainable natural woods bonded to an organic cotton fabric using animal-free glues. The shoes are finished with cork insoles and made in Italy. We look forward to listing these shoes on Unicorn Goods in the near future. As of now, they are currently sold out.

Via Ecorazzi

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