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04 Sep '16

Kat Von D Releases Project Chimps Limited Edition Lipstick

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Project Chimp

Kat Von D Beauty has released a limited edition shade of lipstick that benefits Project Chimps. 20% of the sale of each $20 tube of the brick red shade goes directly to the nonprofit. Project Chimps was started in 2014 as a partnership between several primate advocacy and animal welfare groups. Together, they work to end the use of chimpanzees in private biomedical research and retire lab chimpanzees to sanctuary. This summer, the organization opened up a 250+ acre chimp sanctuary with the support of the animal rights nonprofit The Humane Society. 

The release of the lipstick comes on the tail of Kat Von D announcing plans to transition her eponymous cruelty-free beauty line to be 100% vegan.

Shop the lipstick here.

22 Aug '16

Kat Von D Announces Her Beauty Line Will Go 100% Vegan

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Kat Von D

Recently-turned-vegan celebrity Kat Von D has announced that her makeup line, Kat Von D Beauty, will be going 100% vegan as soon as possible. The longtime animal rights activist announced the commitment to remove beeswax and carmine (an ingredient derived from crushed beetles used as a red pigment agent) from new formulations of her product lines as part of a cover story for the vegan magazine, Laika.

Via Laika

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