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20 Aug '16

Vegan Travel Channel, Ticket to Earth

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Ticket to Earth Vegan Travel Channel

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

Traveling as a vegan can be intimidating. Sometimes you just need some advice to get the gears in motion and build your courage to get out there. This is why we were so excited to find Ticket to Earth. The beautiful vegan travel channel has made us more excited than ever to pack our bags and head out for an adventure. In Ticket to Earth's weekly travelogs, British couple Jack Emery and Trishna Patel recount their adventures and discoveries as the circumnavigate the globe. They are on a mission to explore the known world through a wanderer's lens. We love this particular video of their glorious day at the Taj Majal in India. It inspired Jack and Trishna to create this beautifully useful travel collection of everything a vegan needs to thrive and prosper in the land of chai and Karma Sutra.

For more beautiful adventures, visit Ticket to Earth's Youtube Channel.

30 May '16

Bianca Scartabello of the vegan blog the friendly fig

Posted by Unicorn Goods

the friendly fig

Bianca Scartabello is the founder and author of the vegan food and lifestyle blog, the friendly fig. We love her easy-breezy take on what it means to be vegan, even down to her feelings about the vegan label in general. Her content is awesome and inspiring. It'll give you just the pick-me-up you need to go vegan. We promise. Check out some of our favorite recent posts. Oh, and did we mention that she does playlists?

the friendly fig, playlist for a wildflowerthe friendly fig, 10 eye-opening facts about animal crueltythe friendly fig, pistachio bark

Bianca Scartabello of the friendly figBesides being a badass blogger, she's also stylin to boot. Check out Bianca's curated collection with us here, feature laid back yet girly pieces and earthy makeup.

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