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23 Nov '16

How We Give Back

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Farm Sanctuary, Sheep

We believe in giving back. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we donate 1% of our profits to pro-animal organizations. We do what we do because we want to see a better world. We know that together we can make it happen. Our mission is to reduce animal suffering by selling and promoting animal free products. We do this because we want to end animal agriculture.

Every time you buy an animal-free product, you are voting for a better world. We encourage brands to make animal-free products by helping them sell those products. We give you the power to influence the people who can actually make a difference: the manufacturers. They make what people buy. If we all buy more vegan products, more will be made, fewer animal products will be made, and fewer animals will suffer.

As a social enterprise, we use business principles to enact social change. We want more businesses to behave this way, too, and we go out of our way to support social enterprises with explicit social missions and that incorporate giving into their bottom line. Read more about us and why we do what we do on our About page and do your part by shopping the best.

Give Back


20 Nov '16

Giving Tuesday

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Shop these brands that give back on Giving Tuesday, throughout the holiday season, or any time of the year. Unicorn Goods also donates 1% of our profits to pro-animal organizations, so you can feel good about your booty.

Matt & Nat Hope


Angela Roi

Wully Outerwear

Farm Sanctuary



06 Jun '16

10 Destination Hotels and B&Bs for Animal Lovers

Posted by Unicorn Goods

10 Destination Hotels and B&Bs for Animal Lovers

We've teamed up with Urbanette, the first online magazine, to bring you the top travel destinations for vegans in the United States. From Puerto Rico to Puget Sound, you can plan your next trip and shop our edits for that destination.

Urbanette donates 100% of proceeds to charity and is run by vegan Hilary Rowland out of New York City. Urbanette features a lot of vegan-friendly content for vegans and nonvegans who just want to live more ethically without sacrificing time, style or ethics.

Read the full piece here. | Check out our fashion edits by destination here.

30 Apr '16

Sorsha Morava, Vegan Youtube Celebrity

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Sorsha Morava

We are so proud to partner with Sorsha Morava. Her amazing vegan Youtube channel has over 200 videos and almost 40,000 subscribers. For about two years, Sorsha has been posting about everything from how to be a better vegan, to vegan skin care, to celebrity vegan converts. 

Jump ahead to 14:53 to hear what she has to say about Unicorn Goods and her own private collection with us.

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