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01 Jun '17

Synthetic Leather Is On The Rise

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Matt & Nat
Pictured: Matt & Nat
Synthetic leather is becoming more and more prevalent. Not only is it a superior alternative to animal-based leathers in terms of price and carbon footprint, but it is also extremely versatile. Over a third of the global synthetic leather supply goes into shoes, and synthetic leather is projected to only become more popular as a material choice for designers in the future.
  • "As textile technology is evolving consumer are preferring vegan fashion, which refers to adopting non-leather products. Synthetic leather is the most suitable alternative as it is cheaper and is available in several designs & colours."
  • "The price of a faux leather footwear is three times cheaper than footwear made up from animal hide, which enables large volume purchases..."
  • "Faux leather is... lighter than animal hide. High elasticity enables comfort and develops resistance against hot & cold temperatures, alcohol and water."
  • "Rising income and economic growth has fuelled the demand in footwear..."
  • "The global demand has seen a paradigm shift due to rising application across furnishing, automotive, clothing, bags and others."
  • "[Synthetic leather's] application is getting nearer to genuine leather and is replacing its applications in handbags, briefcases, car furnishings and clothing at a pacing rate."
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