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19 Dec '17

How to Give Vegan Gifts

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Giving gifts as a vegan doesn't have to be stressful. Gift giving is the perfect opportunity to show others how great veganism is. They may not know what's out there. A great gift not only helps us draw closer to each other, but can also send a message about what you care about.

To help you decide what to get for everyone on your list, we have curated lists based on interests and sorted by price. No matter your budget, you can find just the thing. Here are our tips for how to give vegan gifts.

Tip 1: It's the Thought that Counts

Gift giving is an intrinsic part of human culture. In fact, many animals give each other gifts as well. Gifts help us connect with each other because they are the product of thinking altruistically about the ones we care for. The best gifts come from a place of deep thoughtfulness. By reflecting on the person who you wish to give the gift to, you're deepening your bond with that person.

You can't rush good gift giving. To get started, find a quite moment in your day and turn off all of your technology. Reflect on the person. What makes them special? What are the favorite moments you've shared together? What are their hopes and dreams? What do they care about most? Free writing during this process can help. After, make a list of any ideas you may have had.

Refrain from panicking and getting something that is convenient. And certainly don't get something simply because you would like to have it yourself. 

Tip 2: Stay Within Your Budget

Everyone has a limit. Before you start shopping for a gift, decide what amount you can reasonably spend and stick to that limit. Boundaries are not only healthy for you and should prevent overspending and impulse buys, but can also encourage creativity and "out of the box" thinking. 

If you're buying multiple gifts at once, come up with a budget for all of the gifts together. Then, go person by person and decide how much you are willing to spend. By breaking your budget down this way, you will have a clear mind with which to go about foraging for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

If you have money left over, consider donating it to a cause that you believe in. Think of it as a little gift to yourself for all of the hard work.

Tip 3: Price Isn't Everything

The best gifts sometimes come in the smallest packages. Don't stress out about impressing the person with the cost of the gift. Often the gift recipient won't even know how much you spent. A lack of recognition or praise in return for your extravagant spending will harbor resentment between you, which would all but undo the warm fuzzy emotions that gift exchanging is supposed to bring about.

Focus on the person, not the thing. If they are going to judge you by the size or price of your gift, then they aren't worth spending the money on, anyway.

Tip 4: Go In Together

Gifts are meant to be shared, and not just with the recipient. Gift giving can serve a double purpose of drawing you closer to the people in your circle if you collaborate together on finding a great gift. Two minds are better than one. With a partner in crime, you can help each other brainstorm and pull resources to make the project that much more special.

Tip 5: Ask for a Wish List

Sometimes people already know what they would like to receive as a gift. It's worth asking the person if they have anything special in mind, or if they've had their eye on anything in particular. The worst they could say is "no."

Tip 6: Make It Vegan

Vegan gifts don't have to scream "vegan." You can spend money within your ethics and still please everyone. Giving a great vegan gift will not only make you feel great, but it will also enable you to be proud of what you stand for. If the gift is well-received, you have a beautiful opportunity to introduce the person to why you picked it out for them, and why you love it, too.

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