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21 Nov '16

Why We Adopted A Turkey This Thanksgiving

Posted by Unicorn Goods

Turkey Time

Every year for Thanksgiving, we eat more than 45 million turkeys. This year, we decided to adopt a turkey to help keep these beautiful birds off people's plates. For what Benjamin Franklin called a bird of courage, the turkey deserves our respect.

Even if you don't eat turkeys, you may come into contact with the turkey industry in other ways. Turkey feathers are used in textiles as an alternative to wool. Turkey droppings fuel power plants and fertilize crops. Turkey byproducts go into dog and cat food. While there are 7 million wild turkeys, more than 300 million mostly white turkeys are raised for food and these uses in the United States alone.

This year for Thanksgiving, we are partnering with Farm Sanctuary to protect these majestic birds and help people understand why they deserve to live. Our adopted turkey's name is Marshall. His favorite food is grapes, and he is flamboyant and curious. He was rescued from falling off a truck on the way to a live market. Watch the video of Farm Sanctuary's Celebration of the Turkey.

What you can do: buy vegan. Adopt a turkey and cook all-vegan dishes for your family. We have all sorts of vegan baking stuffs like marshmallows for you. It's never been easier to be vegan.

Sources: PETA, Wiki, Smithsonian

Farm Sanctuary Turkey Adoption Certificate

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