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19 Mar '16

Fashion Loves Animals Show of Vegan Clothing & Coats

Posted by Unicorn Goods

On March 10th, Vaute hosted the Fashion Loves Animals runway show, benefiting Farm Sanctuary. We love what Vaute is doing to elevate vegan fashion and help people understand what it is. Other participating brands include Brave Gentleman and Matt & Nat.

"As an emerging term, vegan fashion is something that is misunderstood by many people. Some confuse it as a label used to describe a line developed by a designer who is vegan in his or her eating habits. However, it goes far beyond that. Vegan fashion encompasses a way of life and thinking about larger systems, providing yet another set of options we can choose from to consciously express our beliefs on a daily basis. For Hilgart, this means clothing is eco-friendly, fair trade AND animal-free." - Ecouterre

"Fur isn’t the only controversial material...leather can be just as problematic as fur...” - Huffington Post

via Ecouterre and Huffington Post

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