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17 Mar '16

Drink Vegan with Barnivore, Grab a Yuengling but Not a Guiness

Posted by Unicorn Goods


You may not know this, but not all alcohol is vegan. There may be animal products in your beer or wine. Barnivore is here to help you navigate drinking vegan. It's a website and app that you can use while shopping for and ordering beer, wine, and liquor to check that what you're getting is vegan.

As Barnivore explains, when filtering the drinks prior to bottling, companies can use things like isinglass (from fish bladder), gelatin, egg whites, and sea shells, among other things. These products grab onto the impurities and make it easier to catch them in the filters, though there are many animal-free alternatives in use.


Here's a look at common beers:

NOT VEGAN: Guiness (except for the Blonde Amber Lager), Shiner Hefeweizen, +1000s more 

VEGAN: Budweiser (except for the Clamato Chelada), Michelob (except for the honey brews), Coors, Miller, Busch, Corona, Natural Light, Heineken, Shiner (but not the Hefeweizen), Woodchuck, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yuengling, and more (see Barnivore for a full list)

Yuengling is an openly vegan-friendly company, so if you're looking to support someone who's vegan with intention, reach for a Yuengling. We bet it goes great with vegan stew for St. Patrick's Day (recipes here).

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