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15 Mar '16

Dairy Crack

Posted by Unicorn Goods


No doubt you started salivating at the above image. Cheese is salty, fatty, and - yes - loaded with a chemically addictive chemical that some have equated with OxyContin. And it's true - cheese is a drug. Check this out:

Transcription: You see that cheese? You're sick - that's a drug. Apparently our bodies react to cheese just like they do drugs. That explains a lot. Watch your children. Hey everybody I'm Patrick Jones. Welcome to Buzz 60. So there's a doctor trying to get us to chill on the cheese. We can't have that - but, obviously, I'm an addict. He calls cheese dairy crack - that's because of an ingredient in cheese called casomorphins which our brain simply treats like morphine. So you really are going into a cheese-induced coma when you gobble too much of it. Apparently the makeup of cheese is undeniable to our brains. The combination of fat and salt is exactly what our noodle wants to have there. Obviously cheese isn't like doing real crack, but a lot of it could lead to the regular laundry list of health problems. But then again, sadly, we are all going to die one day and hamburgers just don't get it done. This is Buzz 60. Now you know, pass it on. 

We obviously disagree about the hamburger bit. Check out our amazing cookbook collection for veganized versions that won't kill you. So weird that he said that. Is this what people really think???

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