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11 Oct '15

Olsenhaus: Babylon Flats

Posted by Unicorn Goods

These vegan flats by Olsenhaus are made to last. We scoured the internet for the best flats, and this is what we found. It's hard to find a pair of simple flats with sturdy construction. Most of the options out there have unnecessary embellishments that make the shoes less versatile in your wardrobe and more likely to break or go out of style.

These particular flats are made in Mexico from faux suede and composite rubber. They fit true to size and aren't narrow, so your toes have plenty of room. They are the right balance of firm and flexible - sturdy enough to stand up to heavy daily wear, yet comfortable to walk in.

Our pair lasted for 8 months (!). That's unheard of for shoes - especially in the vegan shoe world where "non-leather" often means "cheap" and "low quality." The materials this shoe is made from are clearly durable and high quality. We highly recommend them. You can even pre-order if they stop being available on the website. The customer service is great. You can tell this company really cares about what they're doing.

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