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15 Aug '15

Chinese Laundry Nima Wedge

Posted by Unicorn Goods

The Nima Wedge by Chinese Laundry is a wardrobe staple and perfect transition piece for taking you from the office to the bar.  These shoes come in five different colors. You can also get them in wide sizes - rare for non-leather shoes. We found these shoes to be snug (even in the wide sizes) and firm at first. After a few wears, the shoe gives to fit your foot. Even with the tight sizing, there is no rubbing, chaffing, or blistering, leaving your feet happy and comfortable.

The wedge evenly distributes your weight, removing the pressure points other heals produce after prolonged wear. And the low profile means you don't have to worry about losing your balance or feel like your standing on your tip-toes. 

We highly recommend this to build your wardrobe from the basics up. This wedge can easily fill the place of both a stiletto and a pump. 


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