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15 Mar '15

Falling Whistles

Posted by Unicorn Goods

We love this black matte whistle from Falling Whistles. It hangs at a convenient length (just above the belly button) and ties outfits together with a slightly grunge edge. The best thing is what this stands for.

Falling Whistles was started by a young activist named Sean Carasso who traveled to the Congo and witness their civil war. Boys were being taken from their families and forced to fight in the national army, armed with only a whistle. They are put on the front lines and told to district the enemy, to draw the bullets to themselves. In an effort to raise awareness for what has since been called the greatest genocide of our time, Sean created Falling Whistles to charge others with becoming a whistleblower peace.

The whistles come in multiple colors, but our favorite is the matte black that was recently released. Our suggestion is to buy two and give one to someone who you know will spread the message.

Above: celebrities wearing Falling Whistles. From left to right clockwise: Rhianna, Jon Stweart, Gweneth Paltrow, Ciara, Beyoncé.



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