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20 Dec '17

2017 Annual Report | The Year in Review

Posted by Unicorn Goods

As we conclude 2017, we are reminded by the opportunities we have had to make a difference. We are honored every day to be able to help people make choices that are in line with their ethics. We believe that people are inherently good, and that small choices add up. Together, we are working toward a world in which no animal suffers unnecessarily.

This year has been a big one for us. From helping people buy vegan to helping vegan companies grow, we love every second of the work we do. Here's an overview of what the year has meant for us.

In 2017, Unicorn Goods...

  • helped nearly 200,000 people from nearly 200 countries shop vegan

Unicorn Goods was used over 200,000 times by nearly as many people in 2017. This number of vegan shoppers is up 166% from 2016, a testament to the increasing popularity of vegan products and a changing global mindset.

  • launched the Best of Vegan Awards™

    We launched the world's most comprehensive vegan awards series for products and honored hundreds of vegan brands, products, and leaders. Winners across more than 40 categories were celebrated on World Vegan Day after nearly 35,000 votes were cast. Over 35,000 people watched the Best of Vegan Awards™ video which was hosted on Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo, and promoted across a wide audience.

    • expanded our reach

      Through our social media, we reached new people who may not have considered buying vegan. We launched a Youtube channel and released our first batch of videos which gained more than 35,000 views. Our Instagram grew to exceed 10,000 followers. Our Facebook grew to exceed 2,000 followers. Our email newsletter grew to exceed 6,000 subscribers.

      • helped over 230 brands sell their vegan products

      Over the past year, we focused our efforts on helping growing vegan companies reach their customers.

      • supported animal rights nonprofits furthering our mission

      The organizations we were fortunate enough to support include the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and PRANA Run.

      • earned recognition from the Vegan Society

      The Vegan Society, one of the world's largest vegan organizations, noted Unicorn Goods as a vegan resource.

      We look forward to continuing our mission in 2018 as we help even more people end animal suffering by buying vegan.


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