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29 May '16

globesprouting | Purpose-Driven Businesses

Posted by Unicorn Goods

globesprouting. find your purpose. grow your ideas. impact the world.

We love what founder Rebecca Cressman of globesprouting stands for: helping people find their purpose, grow their ideas, and impact the world. If you've been thinking about quitting your day job to change the world, or if you've been wondering exactly how social entrepreneurs do it, or if you're just wondering what a social entrepreneur is, then globesprouting is a great place to get inspiration to help you take the leap. 

Rebecca has already interviewed some of our favorite people. The social entrepreneurs in her Startup Stories section have founded companies and made products that we list on Unicorn Goods, like Miki Agrawal of Thinx and Do Cool Shit, and Indosole. 

We are excited to feature Rebecca as a guest curator. Her black-on-black casual girlboss style is cool to boot. It's perfect for the budding social entrepreneur or the inner rebel doing her own thing at any point in time. As she says, "I'm very much opposed to the idea of 'fast fashion' so any piece of clothing or accessory I buy needs to be high-quality and classic so I'm confident it will remain in my wardrobe for years to come. Of course, living in New York, I also lean towards anything practical - high-heels are hard to wear when you're walking through the city everyday!"

Click here to see Rebecca's Guest Curated Collection on Unicorn Goods.

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