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21 Apr '16

In Memory of Prince

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Prince left a lifelong legacy behind, not only as a genre-defining musician, but also as a vocal animal advocate. Prince did more than just rock the music industry. He tirelessly raised awareness about animal rights and educated the public through his music. As an ethical vegan, Prince didn't just think eating animals was wrong, he believed that wearing animals was wrong, too. Here's what he had to say about vegan fashion.


Wool is a cruel material. Not only did Prince not wear wool, but he spoke out against wool. He wore a vegan sweater on the cover of his 1999 Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic. With PETA's help, he included the below in his liner notes to educate his fans about wool and encourage them to give up wool:

If this jacket were real wool, it would have taken 7 lambs whose lives would have begun like this … Within weeks of their birth, their ears would have been hole-punched, their tails chopped off and the males would have been castrated while fully conscious. Xtremely high rates of mortality r considered normal: 20 2 40% of lambs die b4 the age of 8 weeks: 8 million mature sheep die every year from disease, xposure or neglect. Many people believe shearing helps animals who would otherwise b 2 hot. But in order 2 avoid losing any wool, ranchers shear sheep b4 they would naturally shed their winter coats, resulting in millions of sheep deaths from xposure 2 the cold.


“Please do not kill a cow so I can wear a coat!” Prince said when someone tried to give him a leather coat during a concert in Washington, D.C.. Prince never turned down an opportunity to put his ethics forward, and do it vocally. 


“We need an Animal Rights Day when all slaughterhouses shut down,” Prince said. 


Check out the lyrics to Prince's song, Animal Kingdom:

No member of the animal kingdom nurses past maturity
No member of the animal kingdom ever did a thing to me
It’s why I don’t eat red meat or white fish
Don’t give me no blue cheese
We’re all members of the animal kingdom
Leave your brothers and sisters in the sea

Prince kept performing and creating throughout his life. He continued to push boundaries. Check out this awesome cover of Radiohead's Creep that he performed at 2008's Coachella.

Prince will truly be missed. In his memory, we have created a collection of cruelty-free pieces inspired by Prince. 

The Prince Collection

The Animal Kingdom Has Lost Its Prince, PETA

Prince's Heels Elevated Him as a Style Icon, New York Times

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