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20 Jan '17

PETA’s Vegan Runway Show Proved Saving Animals is Always in Style

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On [January 17th], actor Daniella Monet hosted a special panel discussion at the PETA Empathy Center titled “How to Make It in (Vegan) Fashion.” In front of an audience of editors, fashion students, and other industry influencers, six women with successful vegan fashion lines discussed how to make it as a sustainable designer, where to find high-quality vegan textiles, and why cruelty-free apparel is an unstoppable trend in today’s industry...

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18 Jan '17

This New Textile Combines Sustainability With Fashion

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From Entrepreneur:

Sustainability and safe manufacturing processes are paving the way for a number of new, innovative products.
Piñatex is an entirely new approach to natural, sustainable non-woven textiles made from pineapple leaves. Created in 2013 by Ananas Anam Ltd., Piñatex is a byproduct of pineapple farming, with no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides required to produce it.
The seemingly leather-like material is 100 percent vegan, but just as durable and versatile as traditional leathers. Piñatex is recognized as a pioneer in the development of innovative textiles by the fashion industry, and received PETA’s 2015 Innovation Award as a “Vegan Fashion Label.”


via Entrepreneur

15 Jan '17

Birkenstock Introduces All-Vegan Line to U.S. Market

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Birkenstock, Vegan

From Yahoo News:

"So as it turns out, the world’s most popular hippie shoemaker, Birkenstock, has been missing a beat all these years: It has not offered its American tofu-eating, Phish-following fans a vegan option.
"But now those dark days are over, thanks to Birkenstock’s new leather-free line of clogs and sandals, being released to U.S. animal lovers starting on Jan. 9, Yahoo Style has exclusively learned."
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19 Dec '16

Pamela Anderson Makes Fake Fur Look Better Than the Real Thing

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Pamela Anderson Rocks Faux Fur

From Vogue:

Pamela Anderson let her fake fur fly this weekend, proving yet again you don’t have to sacrifice style for your ethics. Making her way through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, the PETA advocate draped a plush gray furry topper over her shoulders. From its sleek cut to its shaved fibers, the vegan coat had all the elegance of a bona fide mink without the ethical dilemma. The statement coat complemented Anderson’s dove gray silk jumpsuit and gray vegan-suede pumps, demonstrating just how easily eco-friendly pieces make their way into one’s wardrobe.
Anderson put a sleek finish on the ensemble by accessorizing with a black Saint Laurent handbag and a pair of bug-eye sunglasses. Elegantly standing firm in her anti-fur beliefs, she was a chic reminder that having standards is what luxury is all about.

via Vogue

Fabulous Faux Fur

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